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Translators, we want you!

New version of GestioneAcquario is fully translatable in many Languages. Main Language still remain Italian. The English version is translated in my bad English, so we need a good English Translator. We also need a German, French and Spanish translator. If you intrested to help me, please contact me via a Private Message on the forum.

May 2015 new beta is out

After long time, Beta for version 1.1 is out with Windows 8.1's support.

Bug Tracker and Forum Updated

Today I updated Mantis to 1.2.0 and phpBB to 3.0.14. Please report any issue on the forum. Thanks


Gestione Acquario.net 1.0.0 is out

New version of Gestione Acquario is out, fully translated in English and in French.

Download link (the post is in Italian).

New Site On-Line:

New Website is On-Line. Main portal is Mediawiki the Wikipedia's software. This help us to authoring the web site contenents.

For support on the website please post in English on the Forum.

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